Astar Radoszkowicz

Data is Only as Good as its Quality: Strategies and Best Practices for Maintaining Data Integrity

Ortal Ashkenazi

Validation Strategies for Machine Learning Algorithms in Production Environments

Mila Orlovsky

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: A Journey to Establishing a Data Science Domain in Your Company

Noa Lubin

Conversational AI: How Can We Use ChatGPT to Improve Our Data Science Product?

Naomi Ken Korem & Talia Tron

Generative AI – Risks and Potential

Bitya Neuhof & Michal Moshkovitz

Using Explainable Machine Learning – Gaps Between Academia and Industry

Hadar Gorodissky & Lihi Shiloh Perl

Academia-Industry “Domain Adaptation”

Orian Sharoni

The Sound of AI – Challenges & Solutions in Speech & Audio

Aviv Ben Arie & Liat Ben Porat

1+1=3: Hiring, Leading and Growing Diverse DS Teams

Veronika Bogina

Do I Need an Advanced Degree in Data Science?

Topaz Gilad

Bon Voyage! Leading Machine Learning Research Journeys With Happy (Into-production) Endings

Planned Agenda

8:45 Reception
9:30 Opening words by WiDS TLV ambassador Nitzan Gado and by Lily Ben Ami, CEO of the Michal Sela Forum
9:50 Prof. Bracha Shapira – Data Challenges in Recommender Systems Research: Insights from Bundle Recommendation
10:20 Juan Liu – Accounting Automation: Making Accounting Easier So That People Can Forget About It
10:50 Break
11:00 Lightning talks
12:20 Lunch & poster session
13:20 Roundtable session & poster session
14:05 Roundtable closure
14:20 Break
14:30 Merav Mofaz – “Every Breath You Take and Every Move You Make…I'll Be Watching You:” The Sensitive Side of Smartwatches
14:50 Reut Yaniv – Ad Serving in the Online Geo Space Along Routes
15:10 Rachel Wities - It’s Not Just the Doctor’s Handwriting: Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare NLP
15:30 Closing remarks
15:40 End